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How is God defined? Does the concept have to be as complicated as we make it? Reaching God is a book written by Yatin Agarwal that attempts to answer these questions. It is a narrative of a man's journey to find God, which explores several ethical and moral questions, and answers them from a child’s perspective. It has a religious fiction storyline of a man who, while achieves apparent success (achieved by pursuing the ideal social norms of- fame, money and religion), remains dissatisfied with his life. His discontentment arises after his realisation that everything in life is meaningless and transient. He hence seeks out in search for God, hoping to find his purpose and making an actual difference. Walking on this path, he discovers and reasons about several issues with the modern day society. Just one of the many things he learns, is the way to distinguish between the correct and the seemingly correct choices to make maximum possible progress towards the stage of contentment. For more such learnings, you will have to read and find out for yourself...

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